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Source Tagging is beneficial to the Retailers, Stakeholders, and Consumers.

Source-Tagging reduces in-store labor, speeds products to shelves, and provides open shopping environment for the consumers.
  • Increases conditions for open-shopping environment
  • Increases sales and profits as goods can be openly merchandised
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Better product availability, reduced Out-Of-Stocks caused by theft
  • Improves on-hand data integrity for accurate replenishment
  • Maximises staff productivity
  • Better Sales History and Turns
  • Better product display arrangement
  • Improves merchandising opportunities
  • Enhances advantageous in competition among similar products
  • Enhance New Product Introductions
  • Embedded seamlessly and invisibly into all types of consumer product packaging
  • Maintain product packing integrity and appearance
  • Maintain high production speeds
  • Provide value-added service to meet the requirement of retails
  • Enjoys open shopping
  • Relax shopping enviroment
  • Never need to worry if you forgot to pay but take out the shop
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