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EAS is the short form of Electronic Article Surveillance.

EAS system is a security system for preventing shoplifting from retail stores, pilferage of books from libraries or removal of properties from showroom or office buildings.

EAS System An alarm is triggered when walking through detection pedestals at the store exit if a disposable tag was not deactivated or a reusable tag was not removed at the checkout counter. The tag is also called "single bit RFID tags" because it is either on or off. The primary EAS technologies are Radio Frequency (RF), Acousto-magnetic (AM) and Electromagnetic (EM).
Detection Zone
EAS pedestals pick up activated tags in their detection zone. Signals from the transmitting pedestal are re-radiated by the tag to the receiving pedestal. Although the pedestals serve as a warning, transmitters and receivers can also be hidden in exits. Some systems can use only one pedestal to transmit and receive.

Radio Frequency (RF) System is the most widely used systemsin the United States today and RF tags and labels are getting smaller all the time.

A label/tag attached to a product responds to a specific frequency emitted by a transmitter antenna (usually one pedestal of the entry/exit gate). The response from the label/tag is then picked up by an adjacent receiver antenna (the other pedestal). This processes the label/tag response signal and will trigger an alarm when it matches specific criteria.

Acousto-magnetic System has the ability to protect wide exits and allows for high-speed label application, uses a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected.

The transmitter sends a radio frequency signal (of about 58 kHz) in pulses, which energize a tag in the surveillance zone.

When the pulse ends, the tag responds, emitting a single frequency signal like a tuning fork. While the transmitter is off between pulses, the tag signal is detected by a receiver.

A microcomputer checks the tag signal detected by the receiver to ensure it is at the right frequency, is time-synchronized to the transmitter, at the proper level and at the correct repetition rate. If all these criteria are met, the alarm occurs.

Electromagnetic System is used by many retail chain stores, supermarkets and libraries around the world.

In this technology, a magnetic, iron-containing strip with an adhesive layer is attached to the merchandise. This strip is not removed at checkout, it's simply deactivated by a scanner that uses a specific highly intense magnetic field. One of the advantages of the EM strip is that it can be re-activated and used at a low cost.

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