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Facilitating the reader of free choice, raising the library use factor and working efficiency.

At the same time, overcome the consequence introduced by open-shelf service, such as book-theft and page-ripping.

Open-shelf management in library STAG Solution Limited (STAG) EAS system solves the dilemma between open-shelf service and book-theft/page-ripping effectively.
Some times ago, STAG signs the agreement with a bookstore in the Hong Kong innovation center for purchasing the STAG EAS system PDS8830, and completed the installation and trial run project rapidly.
The innovation center mainly provides the venue for the design works, holds various exhibitions, and seminars. This bookstore provides a public reading place for the innovation center. Commodity-style EAS system PDS8830 has artistic outlook and excellent production technology, which harmonically integrated with the quiet and tasteful environment, novel and high-tech design style of the bookstore. While protecting the commodity it also beautified the bookstore's environment simultaneously.
The person in charge of the bookstore expressed, the use of commodity-style EAS system PDS8830 not only effectively prevent book-theft but also simplified the tasks of the staffs and improved the atmosphere of the reading room.
In bringing the merit of open-shelf service of the library and uses supporting measures to reduce inconvenient, STAG commondity-style EAS system PDS8830 gained certification in practice!

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