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Anti-shoplifting system aids in the task of merchandise loss prevention.

Preventative measures should be teamed with the technology of an Electronic Article Surveillance security system in your store for maximum anti-theft protection for retailers of all sizes.

EAS System Our anti-shoplifting system is capable for Monogate or Dualgate Transmit-Receive, a system that suits for all budgets, locations and store fit-out. You apply security tags to all high-shrink merchandise and tag will alarm on exit if it has not been removed or deactivated by the sales assistant. Security tags with EAS device are the perfect anti-shoplifting system as they are a clear and visible deterrent for shoplifters, while unobtrusive to customers.
Monogate Transmit-Receive
Single gate for transmit and receive signal
Detection on both sides of the gate
Good for narrow exits
Example 1
Example 2

Dualgate Transmit-Receive
Multiple gates cooperate
Can combine many gates to protect wide exits
No limitation on number of gates in combination
Example 1
Example 2
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