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EM (Electromagnetic) security systems are based on proven technology. A magnetic strip is adhered to a book or attached to a CD, DVD or videotape (or its case).

EM security is the most-used library security worldwide, protecting billions of books and other media.

EM security systems are reliable and effective. Alpha ShowSafe During check-out, if the EM strip attached on an item has not been deactivated, the security gate at the library’s entrance will detect the strip and will sound an alert. When the item is returned, the EM strip is reactivated with a device similar to the deactivation device. Alpha ShowSafe High quality strips can be turned on and off repeatedly over years with no degradation of signal strength. Most small and medium-sized libraries will find that the cost of an EM security system (including strips, detection equipment and accessories) is recouped in a year or two through reduced expenditures on lost items.
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EM-2005 Antenna
EM-700 Antenna
EM-3500 Re-activator
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